Women Die Because Lawmakers Don’t Understand Sex Ed | The Mary Sue

Reproductive Health is Abortion Rights

From the article:

Despite the danger their laws pose, the anti-abortion Republican lawmakers behind these bills hardly seem interested in learning fact from fiction, even when it means the death or punishment of women as collateral damage for their ignorance. Just on Wednesday, anti-choice lawmakers in Ohio introduced a wide-ranging bill that would all at once ban insurance coverage of abortion, prohibit access to pretty much all birth control, and institute a misguided measure regarding ectopic or tubal pregnancies involving conception outside the womb.

Per the bill’s male writer, abortions for these ectopic pregnancies would be prohibited because the embryo could be “removed from the fallopian tube and [reinserted] it in the uterus,” wholly ignoring women as human beings beyond their reproductive systems. For one thing, as experts have pointed out, this imagined health procedure just … doesn’t exist, and for another, following the same anti-science reasoning, the bill would also prohibit birth control methods like pills, IUDs, and other hormonal contraception by equating any birth control that could act to stop a fertilized egg from implanting to the uterus with abortion.

Source: Women Die Because Lawmakers Don’t Understand Sex Ed | The Mary Sue

Emphasis is mine. That isn’t even fucking possible. It’s just like that stupid “abortion reversal” that is all fucking made up lies. It’s not fucking medically possible.

The most stark part of this is that the bill prohibits actual birth control. It was never about reproductive options. It was always about punishing women for having sex.

Fuck them.