What “Capitalism” Is and How It Affects People – Teen Vogue

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Capitalism is defined as an economic system in which a country’s trade, industry, and profits are controlled by private companies, instead of by the people whose time and labor powers those companies. The United States and many other nations around the world are capitalist countries, but capitalism is not the only economic system available; throughout history, other countries have embraced other systems, like socialism or communism, so it’s important to explore what capitalism actually is.

CNN recently reported that 66% of people between the ages of 21 and 32 have nothing saved for retirement. However, according to Salon, the reason many millennials haven’t been investing in mutual funds or building up their own financial nest eggs isn’t because they’re too broke, or that they lack personal responsibility — it’s because they think our current economic system, capitalism, will cease to exist by the time they are in their 60s.

Source: What “Capitalism” Is and How It Affects People – Teen Vogue

This is a really good primer on capitalism, and how it works. I feel like there is a lot of back and forth on the subject, but people seem to conflate a lot of other ideas into it.

Teen Vogue is way better these days, then when I was a kid.


Here’s Every 2020 Democrat’s History on LGBTQ Rights

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Democratic presidential hopefuls will face off in a public forum on LGBTQ issues this fall. The event, slated for National Coming Out Day on October 10, marks the first time Democratic candidates have debated queer issues since 2008, when Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Barack Obama faced off in a Human Rights Campaign Foundation forum.

Source: Here’s Every 2020 Democrat’s History on LGBTQ Rights

We need this. This is who we get to vote for on the Democratic side to run for the presidency.

Everyone needs to vote. You can’t half ass this thing. You have to look things up, and vote for people that will do what you need done.

Yeah, the presidency isn’t the most useful election, but with it comes a host of smaller runs that need researched as well. There are tons of websites that will help with that.

We need people in office that will not use their position as a weapon to attack women, minorities, and LGBTQ folks.

Chick-fil-A LGBT: Timeline of background, stance on same-sex marriage · PinkNews

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Chick-fil-A is widely known to be against same-sex marriage and homosexuality. But what are the facts? Here is a timeline of Chick-fil-A’s LGBT history.

Source: Chick-fil-A LGBT: Timeline of background, stance on same-sex marriage · PinkNews

This timeline shows everything all the way back to 2011. I just think we all need a good timeline for the next time someone wants to tell us we should be putting our hard earned dollars into a company that despises us, and actively puts money into causes that fight to keep LGBTQ folks from being respected, and having equal rights under US law.

(And no, my being able to marry a woman, is not equal if I want to marry a man in a same sex union.)

Holocaust Memorial Day: How the pink triangle became a symbol of gay rights · PinkNews

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As the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day, PinkNews remembers all those in the LGBT+ community that were persecuted by the Nazis.

Source: Holocaust Memorial Day: How the pink triangle became a symbol of gay rights · PinkNews

I’m a bit late for the Holocaust Memorial Day, but this is an excellent write up about how the pink triangle was used to brand people as homosexual. Transgender people were sent to concentration camps as well.

No relief came when Germany was defeated after WWII for homosexuals.

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Homosexual concentration camp prisoners were not acknowledged as victims of Nazi persecution. Reparations and state pensions available to other groups were refused to gay men, who were still classified as criminals — the 1935 version of Paragraph 175 remained in force in West Germany until 1969 when the Bundestag voted to return to the pre-1935 version.[40] The German historian Detlev Peukert wrote “no homosexuals obtained reparations after 1945” and only a brave “few” even tried because the 1935 version of Paragraph 175 stayed in effect until 1969, and that despite the way that homosexual survivors had suffered “profound damage to their lives” that they remained outcasts in post-war Germany.

Be The Change: A Simple Guide to Lobbying Your Elected Officials Like a Pro | Autostraddle

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A step-by-step guide to lobbying your elected officials. Ready your power suit!

Source: Be The Change: A Simple Guide to Lobbying Your Elected Officials Like a Pro | Autostraddle

This is a How-To guide on lobbying your elected official. This is something we should all take note of. We can’t just sit back and ignore the toxic politics swirling around us. We have to get involved and do something.

How to Help Migrant Families Entering the U.S.

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In December, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency released several hundred immigrants at Greyhound bus stations in El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California. Many of these individuals arrived from the U.S.-Mexico border and were given the option to try to find an available shelter once released.

Source: How to Help Migrant Families Entering the U.S.

This article has some good resources to donate to, if you are so inclined.

How Marginal Tax Rates Work

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For example, take 2019’s tax brackets for individuals (you’re taxed at each rate if you earn over the amount listed next to it):

  • 10 percent: $0
  • 12 percent: $9,700
  • 22 percent: $39,475
  • 24 percent: $84,200
  • 32 percent: $160,725
  • 35 percent: $204,100
  • 37 percent: $510,300

If you earn $161,000 this year, for example, you’re not going to be taxed at 32 percent for the entire amount. You’ll be taxed at each of the preceding four brackets as your income goes up, and will be taxed 32 percent on the amount earned over $160,725 at the federal level:

  • 10 percent of the first $9,700
  • 12 percent of the amount between $9,701 and $39,475
  • 22 percent of the amount between $39,476 and $84,200
  • 24 percent of the amount between $84,201 and $160,725
  • 32 percent of the amount over $160,725

Source: How Marginal Tax Rates Work

The 70% that was floated was not on everything that was earned. Just everything past $10 Million Fucking dollars. You get the lower percentage brackets all the way under that.

Our top rate is 37% and that’s insanely low, historically. It used to be 70% in 1981 for income over $108,300. Before that it was 90%.

They have been systematically dismantling the tax rates for the ultra rich for decades. Now they want to scream its unfair? Fuck them. They pay less as a percentage of what they make than I do.

I am putting this up here because this debate is often argued by people who literally do not understand marginal tax rates.

Help Bail Someone Out Tonight for the Price of a Drink 

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We live in a country where if you have enough money, you can buy your way out of jail while you await trial. This is profoundly unjust to people who don’t have ready cash on hand. Today, for #FreeThePeopleDay, consider donating the cost of one New Year’s Eve cocktail to a bail fund.

Source: Help Bail Someone Out Tonight for the Price of a Drink 

Have a few bucks to help? This is a good cause.