All The Times Lauren McCluskey Asked For Help Before She Was Murdered

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University of Utah track and field athlete Lauren McCluskey was fatally shot earlier this year by a man she had recently dumped after she found out he had lied to her about his name, age, and criminal record. The man, Melvin Rowland, 37, died by suicide hours later. But for weeks before her Oct. 22 murder, McCluskey, her family, and her friends knew she was in danger and kept asking for help, according to documents and 911 audio released this month. As early as late September, two friends spoke up to a resident assistant in her dorm. By early October, McCluskey was calling campus police. Worried campus police weren’t acting fast enough, McCluskey called Salt Lake City police too.

Here is a timeline of those requests for help, based off two reports released this month—one by the University of Utah, another by the state’s public safety department—as well as recently released 911 calls.

Source: All The Times Lauren McCluskey Asked For Help Before She Was Murdered

This article is literally a timeline of her and her families voluminous requests for help.

I remember being in high school when I gal I was hanging out with was taken forcibly into a car and taken off school property to be beaten. The cops stopped the car for running a red light, and when she pleaded with him for help, he didn’t help her. When she came back beaten, the same cop told her it was her fault for not sounding serious enough.

She was the daughter of the owners of a taxi company, and I had spent the night at her house. We weren’t close, but I remember being furious at the cop for his bullshit. She could have been beaten to death, and he would have still blamed her.

It impressed upon me at an early age that the police don’t really help as much as the myth of them helping would say. To this day I really am reluctant to deal with the police because I am trans and my history with this is riddled with incidents like these. I guess I am lucky I just never really needed them, like Lauren McCluskey did.

I’m not saying there aren’t good cops out there, but the way our current police forces and judicial system works, it feeds directly into the system racism and sexism that embeds the very infrastructure or our culture. It’s very hard to get help, and the system is slow to move.

This man murdered Lauren McCluskey, and she has a long documented history of trying to get help before he did so. I guess I’m trying to say I don’t think this is a one off. I hear stories like this all the time where women know the men that will eventually murder them, and there is no relief.



Government Shutdown Means the Violence Against Women Act is Expired 

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The government shutdown officially began at midnight, which means the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has expired and programs that assist survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault will be left without funding.

Source: Government Shutdown Means the Violence Against Women Act is Expired 

This article dates from when the shut down started, but damn. This only has funding until February 8th. I doubt this will be a priority, what with wall building still keeping the government shut down.

Natalie Connolly’s Death Was Not the Result of ‘Rough Sex’

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After millionaire John Broadhurst was accused of killing 26-year-old Natalie Connolly in 2016, he claimed her death was the result of consensual, rough sex. She had died from the trauma of over 40 injuries, as well as alcohol intoxication, and was left at the foot of the staircase where she and Broadhurst lived. Broadhurst sprayed bleach in her face because “he didn’t want her to look a mess” and left her bleeding there, the BBC reported. And yet after admitting to manslaughter last week, Broadhurst was sentenced to just three years and eight months in prison.

Source: Natalie Connolly’s Death Was Not the Result of ‘Rough Sex’

Apparently if you are rich enough, you can sexually torture and kill a woman dn only get 3 years and 8 months, in prison. I bet this fucker goes to one of those rich guy white collar prisons, too.

U.N. Study Finds That Home Is Actually the Most Dangerous Place for Women

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A new study from the United Nations finds that more than half of female murder victims last year were killed by their partners or family members. The U.N.’s Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that according to their research using available homicide data, that means six women are killed every hour by people they know.

Africa and the Americas are regions where women are most likely to be killed by people they know, with the rate in America being 1.6 victims per 100,000 women. “Targeted criminal justice responses are needed to prevent and end gender-related killings,” UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov wrote in a press release for the study, which added that there hasn’t been much progress in protecting victims of intimate partner violence or family-related homicide has in recent years despite legislation.

Source: U.N. Study Finds That Home Is Actually the Most Dangerous Place for Women

This has been known for years, but having good hard data is always helpful. Rape, child sexual assault, and murder for for women are usually always perpetrated by a person that they know. Getting data allows us to change how we view these crimes, and respond to them.

How many women are murdered by intimate acquaintances is apparently political. California Rep (D), Jackie Speier, was recently fact checked because she tweeted this:

The number is specifically 2.54 to 3.2, instead fo 3. As if rounding for a tweet isn’t a thing. It depends on which report you are using. Then the article digs into what it means to be an intimate acquaintance, as if just being known by the victim isn’t enough.

Politifact determined her comment was correct, and right on track, and rated it as mostly true.

This has to be fact checked because there re a lot fo people are out there that will argue with any domestic violence statistics. Why? They are assholes with an ax to grind.



Daniel Dowling was abused as an 11-year-old in Bracknell | Bracknell News

A From the article:

Daniel Dowling, now 36, has bravely revealed the sexual torment he was subjected to in his childhood, following the sentencing of the evil pair.

He suffered for three years at the home in Bracknell and the offending only came to light in 2015 when he secretly recorded a phone call with his father.

Richard Dowling and stepmother Annette Breakspear frequently forced the boy into sexual activity when they were 38 years old.

Source: Daniel Dowling was abused as an 11-year-old in Bracknell | Bracknell News

They sexually assaulted and abused a child to “keep him from being gay.” The couple forced the child to perform sexually for them.

The combination of anti-gay bias and child sexual abuse is horrifying.

Disgraced Judge Lance Mason Arrested After Aisha Fraser’s Murder

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In 2014, Mason served nine months in prison for assaulting Fraser—he punched her 20 times, slammed her head into a dashboard, and broke a bone in her skull. Upon release, he was soon hired by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s office who, in 2017, stood by the decision to hire a domestic abuser. “No one condones Mr. Mason’s crime. But he pled guilty, lost his law license and position as judge, and he served his time,” he said in a statement. “Our community benefits if ex-offenders can find work and turn their lives around.” He was promptly fired after his arrest this week.

Source: Disgraced Judge Lance Mason Arrested After Aisha Fraser’s Murder

This is the thing with people who prey upon and violently abuse their spouses. The community just keeps standing by their asses, until they eventually murder their spouse, and then suddenly everyone is shocked.

He broke the woman’s face in 2014, in a shocking act of violence, and yet nobody really did anything to help her.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I grew up in a small town, and I worked at a Value Village where a gal worked. While she worked there her ex stalked her, and eventually gunned her down while she was attending classes at a community college. My coworkers knew her, and had to go give testimony at the man’s trial.

Like Lance Mason’s victim, Aisha Fraser, nobody helped her. She was a mother, and was trying to go to school to get past that period of her life. He had put her in the hospital before. Yet, he murdered her after she left him.

This is a repeating pattern.

Pete Davidson’s Joke about Ariana Grande’s Birth Control Is Abuse | Bitch Media

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On a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, cast member Pete Davidson made a heinous joke about switching his fiancée Ariana Grande’s birth control pills with Tic Tacs to force her to stay with him. “I believe in us and all, but I just want to make sure that she can’t go anywhere,” he said. What Davidson was actually describing, however, is far from a quippy rom-com punchline: Tampering with a partner’s birth control is called birth-control sabotage—a common form of intimate-partner violence known as reproductive coercion.

Reproductive coercion occurs when one partner attempts to control the reproductive choices of the other as a way to maintain power over the relationship. It’s a violent, and often overlooked form of abuse. Reproductive coercion can take many forms, including pregnancy coercion, control of pregnancy outcomes, or birth control sabotage, and it can happen before, during, or after intercourse. Intimate-partner violence is still woefully understudied and underreported—the first time the term “reproductive coercion” was used in scientific literature was less than a decade ago.

Source: Pete Davidson’s Joke about Ariana Grande’s Birth Control Is Abuse | Bitch Media

My little sister was married to a Navy guy for a year who sunk her into a debt spiral, beat her, and then used reproductive coercion to force her to get pregnant by sabotaging (and admitting) her birth control. She had to make some hard choices, which I supported completely. She had family to move her out, and get her way from that guy.

As an aside he moved back to Missouri and then called everyone in my family looking for sympathy, and was using the incel and MRA talking points before all the cool kids on the internet used them.

If you couple reproductive coercion with the statistics that violent abusive men increase their attacks on their significant others when these women are pregnant, this is a serious issue.