How to respond to a question about “late-term abortion,” a procedure that doesn’t exist | Dr. Jen Gunter

From the article:

There has been so much in the news these past few weeks about abortion. The misinformation, disinformation, and lies are overwhelming.

Language always matters, but in medicine it is especially important to be precise. Imagine if we didn’t use the term appendix and instead said a small chunk of bowel on the right? In very lay terms they sound similar, but medically they are not. You do not want a very lay procedure, you want a medical procedure. When imprecise or nonsensical medical terms become law they can hurt patients as doctors don’t know what to do. I have personally had to call a Kansas state legislator at home to ask him medically what his law meant? I’ve mentioned this story a few times. The fact that it is never big news stuns me. Then again, it was just about a woman who needed an abortion to save her life. Imagine if your heart surgeon had to call a politician at home to ask what he mean by the term floppy valve so they would not be criminally prosecuted for replacing the mitral valve in this situation?

And then there is the other layer. Inaccurate terminology about abortion isn’t just malignant lay talk meant to hamper what doctors can offer, it has another purpose — to invent definitions meant to color how people view abortion and sway public opinion with lies.

Source: How to respond to a question about “late-term abortion,” a procedure that doesn’t exist | Dr. Jen Gunter

Spoiler: There is no such thing medically as a late-term abortion. It’s not a thing. It’s a word combination made up to be inflammatory.

Read this article because it’s informative and does have tips on dealing with these forced birth people. See, I can play word games, too.