Prosecutor: Parents’ refusal of transgender treatment made teen suicidal

From the article:

According to Clancy, the teen’s parents spent the entire case “trying to show that their child is not transgender.”“A reasonable parent,” he said, “would never tell their own child to kill themselves because they were going to hell, anyway.”

Source: Prosecutor: Parents’ refusal of transgender treatment made teen suicidal

From the article:

The parents refused to accept their son, forcing him to spend six hours a day in a room listening to Bible verses. They did not allow him to change “appearance to a male look” or seek hormone replacement therapy.

I mean, this was used in abu ghraib, where prisoners were forced to listen to bible verses continuously like this. Here is a whole article discussing how the bible was used in this way as a force for torture.

No wonder a 17 year old boy was suicidal. His parents were torturing him, in addition to completely rejecting him to the point of telling him to kill himself.

There is also this article from LGBTQ Nation.

The boy is currently with his grandparents who support him, and his gender identity. He started therapy at a hospital when he was 16, but his parents yanked him out because they refuse to believe his is transgender.

I’ve heard of this in the community on and off. A kid goes to therapy, and they determine the child is really truly transgender, and the parents freak, and cut off that avenue of support for the child.

This is how transgender children are killed. It’s child torture and murder, and I know that sounds hyperbolic. However, think of having your parents attack, torture, and tell you they’d prefer you die when you are still a child.

Just look at Leelah Alcorn. Her parents did the same to her, and she took her own life. Suicide after this kind of rejection from your parents as a transgender child is a reality. It’s a predictable outcome, and might as well be murder at the hands of their parents.