Does Our Obsession With Wellness Ignore The Fact That Self-Care Is A Privilege? – The Establishment

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Statistically the links between social class and health are undeniable and terrifying. Residents of affluent counties in the U.S. can expect to live up to twenty years longer than their poorer counterparts, with variables such as quality of healthcare, smoking, drinking, and physical inactivity cited as major contributory factors to soaring mortality. Fitness bloggers declaring that shaping up and switching their nutrition plan changed their life are perpetuating a message that fundamentally fails to correlate with reality.

It suggests that something as simple as what we put into our bodies defines our quality of life. It fails to account for the numerous other factors—social and economic—that are far more significant determinants of how well we live and which ultimately defines the food and exercise we are able to afford to enjoy.  The conversation around wellness seems to too often sidestep the things that actually make us well—affordable healthcare, access to nutritious food, and available sexual health care amongst many others.

Source: Does Our Obsession With Wellness Ignore The Fact That Self-Care Is A Privilege? – The Establishment

This whole self-care thing is great, unless you are pushed into an economic corner where you really can’t do anything but continue to work 40+ a week, and despite all your labor are still drowning in debt.

It’s class based. You can only take the time and money to practice self-care if you are lady have enough money that you probably don’t need it.

Charts: Visualizing the Extreme Concentration of Global Wealth

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Today, slightly less than 1% of the world’s adult population occupies the $1M+ wealth range. Despite their small numbers, this elite group collectively controls 46% of the world’s wealth, valued at approximately $129 trillion.

Source: Charts: Visualizing the Extreme Concentration of Global Wealth


How a millionaire slumlord got sweetheart government deals to maintain armed forces housing and then left them to rot / Boing Boing

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John Picerne is a hereditary one-percenter whose contribution to his family legacy of “real estate development” was to spend millions on lobbying, which landed him millions more in government loans earmarked for taking over the maintenance of 26,000 units of on-base military housing in 13 locations, with the repayment of the loans coming straight out of enlisted personnel’s paychecks.

Despite all that public largesse, Picerne’s company, Corvias Group, did not live up to its promises: instead, it let the houses to rot, filling up with vermin and toxic mold, in buildings so ramshackle that soldiers’ children have had their bedroom ceilings collapse on them while they slept. Critical infrastructure — like pedestrian overpasses to help kids cross busy roads safely — were never built.

Source: How a millionaire slumlord got sweetheart government deals to maintain armed forces housing and then left them to rot / Boing Boing

I audit federal grants to ensure compliance as part of my job. My coworkers and I are in one of the few states that do this. Most other states do not audit their entities for compliance with their federal grants.

This story doesn’t surprise me. Federally they keep cutting compliance agencies right and left, and you might have laws not eh books, but how do you ensure enforcement when politicians have bags of cash thrown at them to look the other way, or outright get rid of the compliance agencies or rewrite the laws in the favor of these shitty human beings.

I guarantee you that John Picerne is not the only one.

Natalie Connolly’s Death Was Not the Result of ‘Rough Sex’

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After millionaire John Broadhurst was accused of killing 26-year-old Natalie Connolly in 2016, he claimed her death was the result of consensual, rough sex. She had died from the trauma of over 40 injuries, as well as alcohol intoxication, and was left at the foot of the staircase where she and Broadhurst lived. Broadhurst sprayed bleach in her face because “he didn’t want her to look a mess” and left her bleeding there, the BBC reported. And yet after admitting to manslaughter last week, Broadhurst was sentenced to just three years and eight months in prison.

Source: Natalie Connolly’s Death Was Not the Result of ‘Rough Sex’

Apparently if you are rich enough, you can sexually torture and kill a woman dn only get 3 years and 8 months, in prison. I bet this fucker goes to one of those rich guy white collar prisons, too.

How the IRS Was Gutted — ProPublica

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An eight-year campaign to slash the agency’s budget has left it understaffed, hamstrung and operating with archaic equipment. The result: billions less to fund the government. That’s good news for corporations and the wealthy.

Source: How the IRS Was Gutted — ProPublica

This is really fucking important. When I was an auditor with the Department of Defense we had what I liked to call IRS Refugees. The IRS had been under years of systematic budget cuts, and hiring freezes. They had policy shifts that made it impossible to do the job you were hired to do. I heard this from several ex-IRS auditors. Auditing in the government arena is a small field.

From the article:

Pfeil and the IRS started pursuing the non-U.S. entities. Ultimately, he figures he brought in more than $50 million in previously unpaid taxes over the course of about five years. It was an example of how the tax-collecting agency is supposed to work.

But then Congress began regularly reducing the IRS budget. After 43 years with the agency, Pfeil — who had hoped to reach his 50th anniversary — was angry about the “steady decrease in budget and resources” the agency had seen. He retired in 2013 at 68.

The article has nice hard numbers, like that the IRS has conducted 675,000 fewer audits in 2017 from 2010 at a 42% drop.

Who does this help? Corporations and the wealthy. This entire attack on the IRS is benefited by those throwing the most money at Congress.

Even worse, those making under $25,000 get audited the most. Those rick fucks making $500,000, who tend to ditch their tax responsibilities the most? They get off due to lack fo funding, shifts in policy, and lack of man power.

This is why we have a budget deficit of over $1 Trillion.

This is a good article on how those in power, and how have money, are shifting the tax burden to the poor.

Golf club apologizes for calling cops on black women members


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A golf club in Pennsylvania has apologized for calling police on a group of black women after the co-owner and his father said they were playing too slowly and refused requests to leave the course.“I felt we were discriminated against,” one of the women, Myneca Ojo, told the York Daily Record. “It was a horrific experience.”Sandra Thompson and four friends met up Saturday to play a round of golf at the Grandview Golf Club, where they are all members, she told the newspaper.

Source: Golf club apologizes for calling cops on black women members

This is exploding across my feeds, and it should be. A crazy old white guy badgered and harassed a group of black women golfers that were members of the golf club. Enough so, he got them removed from the club that day.

Jezebel has covered it.

So has Boing Boing.

They both have video of how nasty and creepy this racist shitbag is. Only a rich straight white guy would be so fucking entitle, rightly so apparently, to think he can get a group of black women kicked from a golf course for playing a normal course of the game.

What really hit me is they kept offering to let the man’s group play ahead of them. At that point, it’s not about how “slow” they played. It’s about racism.


The world’s richest 2000 billionaires could wipe out extreme poverty with one seventh of what they gained last year / Boing Boing

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In the new report, Oxfam reveals that the planet’s richest 2,000 billionaires got $762 billion richer in 2017 — an average of $381 million each. One seventh of that gain, if apportioned to the world’s poorest, would eradicate extreme poverty.

Source: The world’s richest 2000 billionaires could wipe out extreme poverty with one seventh of what they gained last year / Boing Boing

Wealth disparity is at an all time high, and I can’t even imagine. By the way, that means they would only have to use $55 Million of that $381 million gain, still leaving them a total gain in 2017 of $326 million dollars. . .

Those numbers are useless for most people. Most of us could not imagine $5 million dollars, let along a one year gain of $326 million. At what point is is just meaningless?

It’s shocking to me that so many people with this kind of wealth seem to be so uninterested in helping anyone but themselves.

Peter Thiel: the “libertarian” who loves mass government surveillance, monopolies, and censorship / Boing Boing

Peter Thiel: the “libertarian” who loves mass government surveillance, monopolies, and censorship

Source: Peter Thiel: the “libertarian” who loves mass government surveillance, monopolies, and censorship / Boing Boing

I think it’s really important to remember who has a lot of cash, and uses it to the detriment of others. Thiel’s track record is terrible, and when you have that much money, and a terrible sense of what’s good in the world, you can do a lot of harm to the little people.