Let Farmers Sell Their Own Pot – Weed – The Stranger

Source: Let Farmers Sell Their Own Pot – Weed – The Stranger

I live in Washington state and know folks in the pot industry. This is a problem because Washington is so hostile to small pot farming. The smaller farms are getting gobbled up by more corporate sized farms.

I don’t know about you, but I want my pot from a guy that is so immersed in pot culture that he loves his work, and puts 100% of himself into it. I’m not interested in buying some version of Walmart pot.

Plus, if they fixed this, more jobs could be had at livable wages because pot is a big money business.

Surest Way to Face Marijuana Charges in New York: Be Black or Hispanic – The New York Times

From The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/13/nyregion/marijuana-arrests-nyc-race.html

This is not as shocking as I wished it was. I have heard for years that cops give white people a pass. I remember watching a black comedian do a bit about this. His white hippy stoned out friend went and asked a cop for directions, and he was amazed. The cops didn’t seem to notice or care how stoned the white hippy was, so black people have know this forever.

The New York times did an investigation on the race of people who were arrested for pot. They had a four times higher rate of possession charges for people that weren’t white. This was replicated in black and white neighborhoods.

So it really doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in if you are black, the cops will be more likely to arrest you.

Small Pot Farms Are Biting the Dust – Weed – The Stranger

From the article:

That’s the reality facing a growing number of small weed farm owners in Washington. They lined up by the thousands to get the coveted licenses to legally grow weed, but four years into Washington’s “green rush,” they’re finding it might be nearly impossible to actually turn a profit. Faced with the plummeting price of pot, the huge burden of complying with state regulations, and the competition with big farms that sell the majority of the state’s pot, small farms are starting to give up.

Source: Small Pot Farms Are Biting the Dust – Weed – The Stranger

This is really too bad. I really liked the microbrew feel of the local pot farm. Yet, some of these regulations are just hysterical pearl clutching, and they are so costly to comply with.

That leaves big corporations to pick up the pieces. I don’t necessarily want my pot to be corporatized.

I think the only way forward is for states, after we all get on the legal money train that is the new pot industry, to do like they did back in the day, and allow micro brewing style legislation for home growers.

Once we get past this hysteria over the ethical issues of smoking pot, we can move to opening up these overly stringent regulations.

I hope the industry is not completely swallowed up by large corporate monopolies by then.

Jeff Sessions officially sends memo asking prosecutors to give drug dealers death penalty / Boing Boing

From the article:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent out a Bradburyesque memo to US attorneys that strongly encourages federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty in violent as well as non-violent drug-related cases, including the execution of people “dealing in extremely large quantity of drugs.”

Source: Jeff Sessions officially sends memo asking prosecutors to give drug dealers death penalty / Boing Boing

I live in a legal state. It’s like the jazz age just showed up, and the money keeps just rolling in due to the sheer volume of pot sales.

I don’t see this money train being shut down anytime soon no matter what Sessions wants.

Seattle Is Looking to Drop Old Marijuana Convictions 

From the article:

Six years after marijuana became legal in Washington state, the city of Seattle will finally move to dismiss misdemeanor marijuana-possession convictions previously prosecuted by the city.

Source: Seattle Is Looking to Drop Old Marijuana Convictions 

Woo! I hope this breaks open nation-wide. Marijuana convictions disproportionately effect people of color, despite statistically using pot less than white folks.

Dennis Peron, the gay ‘Father of Medical Marijuana,’ passes away / LGBTQ Nation

From the Article:

He helped thousands of people with HIV get medical marijuana.

Source: Dennis Peron, the gay ‘Father of Medical Marijuana,’ passes away / LGBTQ Nation

I posted this because it dovetails into my interests.

Firstly, I think we are always at risk for losing our history in the LGBT community. Dennis Peron did what he could to help people that had HIV, often in times when the medical community didn’t. We shouldn’t forget that.

Secondly, I’m the first person to point out that half the medical claims for Pot’s usefulness are probably crap puffed up by wishful thinking. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good verifiable benefits out there. Pain management and increasing appetite are some of those benefits. Plus, making people with chronic illnesses feel better emotionally by removing some of the anxiety, depression, and fear is invaluable.

Cory Gardner blasts Jeff Sessions’ decision on Cole Memo

Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner on Thursday morning took to Twitter to blast Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reported decision to rescind an Obama-era Justice Department policy that allowed…

Source: Cory Gardner blasts Jeff Sessions’ decision on Cole Memo

1. Pot should not be a schedule 1 drug under any definition.
2. The criminalization of marijuana has a long documented racist history.
3. There is so much money in the pot biz these days, above board, that Jeff Sessions can’t stop this train.