Suicide hotline calls quadrupled after Trump’s latest attack on transgender people / LGBTQ Nation

From the article:

Trans Lifeline, an organization that runs a crisis hotline for transgender people and staffed by transgender people, said that calls to their suicide hotline have quadrupled since the story broke that the Trump administration is trying to legally erase transgender identity.

Source: Suicide hotline calls quadrupled after Trump’s latest attack on transgender people / LGBTQ Nation

This is the real consequence of these bigoted actions. Transgender people are often vulnerable. The level of stigma and shunning we face in society is shockingly high.

From my own experience, when I started my transition, it was the most vulnerable feeling time in my life. More than finding myself homeless as a teen. I was a grown ass 40 year old man when I decided to be a man to the rest of the world.

It fucked my ability to find work, finish my college degree easily do to a fucked up bathroom policy, to even be in pubic because I was challenged about my gender presentation. Complete strangers would get in my face.

I’m not a shrinking violet. I am an aggressively loud individual that has had to fight his whole life. I knew walking into my transition this was what I would face, and despite knowing all that, it was hard.

Yet, it was sure as fuck easier then. I am watching my wife transition now in the wake of the media’s “discovery” that transgender people exist, and how there isn’t a hope in hell she can just slip through her transition now. Bigots abound, and violence has been soaring.

Trump’s administration with all his vipers working to wipe us out? It is creating a scenario where violent bigots feel they are entitled to attack us.

It’s no wonder the calls to a crisis center have blown up. I’m seeing it on my communities online. We alway have suicide risks. Always. But now they are increasing.

This is what happens to any population of human beings that are treated the way the transgender population is.


Equifax engineer who designed breach portal gets 8 months of house arrest for insider trading | ZDNet

From the article:

A former Equifax engineer who coded parts of the company’s breach notification website for last year’s security incident was sentenced this week to eight months of home confinement and restitution of ill-gotten funds after using insider information about the Equifax breach to make over $75,000 from insider trading.

Source: Equifax engineer who designed breach portal gets 8 months of house arrest for insider trading | ZDNet

Okay, yeah, nobody really cares. Yet, you should bloody well care. The white collar crime circuit is far more lucrative than a mugging, effects far more people, and gets far fucking less in jail time and punishment.

This is the exact same reason I am not on team Martha for her insider trading. These are people with specialized financial knowledge of their companies, selling it off.

Lets metaphorically (imperfectly) say the company is a car. You know your car is a fire trap, and is eventually going to become a giant fire ball, engulfing anyone that drives it. Yet, you sell it off saying nothing, and watch the ensuing casualties while counting your sweet cash.

That’s insider trading. This guy knew there was a breach in Equifax. He was supposed to create the interface letting folks know if they were effected by the breach or not. He sold that burning car. He’s not the only Equifax employee to do so.

This is specifically prohibited by the SEC.

Folks that have this kind of money are rarely financially destroyed when they have to pay it back.

Hell, I’m still mad at Martha Stewart and her ImClone insider training bullshit. She sold over $200,000. The thing is that Martha was a stockbroker since 1967 and is not just a housewife that made it rich. She was no layman in this shit.

She had concrete information on ImClone and sold that shit off the day before it collapsed. She was on the Board of Directors for the mother fucking stock exchange. Like she was no innocent taking advice from a bad broker, no matter how she spun that shit.

I was all on team Martha during that time, until I got the rest of the story. I’m still pissed that she masterfully spun that story. You are not a stock broker since 1967 and on the motherfucking board of directors for the Stock exchange and play the innocent victim card. She knew what the fuck she was doing.

And that’s how rich people crimes work. They rip off hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions, and when they get caught, they turn it into a PR blitz after a smack on the wrist and they are fine.

The dude that knocked over a 7-11? Because he literally has no food or rent money? He’s going away for life even thought he got like $200 total.

Trump can’t erase transgender people with a memo. But he can make our lives a lot harder.

From the article:

Should the government be able to tell you what underwear to buy? Or what to name your children? Or how many times a day you can go to the bathroom? No. That would be invasive and wrong.

But under a new policy reportedly being considered by the Trump administration, the federal government would attempt to tell millions of transgender people like me not what we can do, but who we can be. It would attempt to tell us that, legally, we don’t exist — that in the eyes of the state, we are not ourselves.

It’s the ultimate form of government intrusion.

Source: Trump can’t erase transgender people with a memo. But he can make our lives a lot harder.

This is still a thing.

The White House is trying to Blame the Obama Administration for this. This is utter shit, because that memo from President Obama is the reason I get my testosterone covered by my insurance, and got both top and bottom surgery while working at the Department of Defense.

They are willfully misinterpreting a legal ruling on Title IX as it relates to discrimination based on sex and how that relates to being transgender. Those rulings just said the interpretations were overly broad, which is cool, but the Trump Administration is trying to create a definition of our sex based “on a biological basis” that just ignores facts about sex based characteristics.

A transgender point of view can be had at The TransAdvocate. They are angry, and always factually accurate. They often spotlights lesser known issues that effect my community, and her work is tireless.

This article really digs into where the memo come from, what is so truly fucked about it, and how if flies in the face of biology and will harm trans and intersex people alike.

This move to fuck over transgender people is riddled throughout the Trump Administration. Like Anti-Gay lawyer, Eric Dreiband was just confirmed 52-45 to head the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. This is a racist, homophobic, transphobic wet dream right there.

The only way to stop this momentum is to vote. It’s not the presidential vote that does this, at this point, it’s the little in between elections. The small town elections. The positions from the ground up. We need people to vote in reasonable civic minded leaders. Do we really need another city clerk denying marriage certificates? That’s usually an elected position.

We need more house and senate representatives that can stop Trump/Pence’s agenda. It’s a huge deal.

If you don’t know how to vote, this discusses it:

Sure, there is gerrymandering. Sure there is voter suppression. Yet, this is how we change things. This is how we fight on the ground.

Vote like it’s your religion to make things better. Why should old straight rich white people have all the power over the rest of us?

The New Anti-Transgender Legal Push


From the New York Times: 

The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people under federal civil rights law.

From CNN:

The Human Rights Campaign on Sunday called for the Trump administration not to go forward with a rollback of protections for transgender people, following a report in The New York Times on a draft proposal.

“Setting a destructive precedent, the Trump-Pence administration intends to erase LGBTQ people from federal civil rights protections and eviscerate enforcement of non-discrimination laws,” the group’s president, Chad Griffin, said in a statement.

From Autostraddle: 

The NYT appears to have drawn this information from a memo circulating within the DHHS, which argues for these changes but does not make them official. It isn’t confirmed that the Department will go forward with this; even if they do, the Departments of Education, Justice, Health and Human Services, and Labor would also have to accept this definition for it to be uniformly applied in higher-up government policy. In terms of legal understandings of trans identity in the courts, the Department of Justice is the most important factor; although it is technically possible that the DOJ could part ways on the issue, the department’s history on trans issues under Jeff Sessions leaves little hope for that possibility. The issue is expected to be presented to the DOJ by the end of the year.

From Jezebel: 

In response to dispiriting headlines like these, the suicide prevention network the Trevor Project has put out a call to offer support via its lifeline. They write:

“These policy decisions have real-world consequences. The Trevor Project has seen a significant rise in contacts from young people who identify as transgender or non-binary over the last year, now making up over 30% of our total crisis volume. When government takes actions targeting the transgender community, our call volume spikes even higher. The administration’s choice to deny the reality of transgender lives is reckless and dangerous.

Call our 24/7 lifeline at 1-866-488-7386. Text and chat counseling is available from 3-10pm EST every day at”

They are not wrong. This effects transgender people on a deeply personal level. My wife and I are both transgender, and this has been a cloud over our heads since it came out.

Sure, we still went grocery shopping, we still go to work, we still watched the new Dr. Who. Yet, it’s there. Underneath the surface. A knowledge that people in power are doing everything in their arsenal of legal moves to fuck us over every way they can. That’s powerful knowledge. That’s life effecting knowledge.

My wife and I are at different stages of our transitions. I am pretty much done. Had the surgeries, grew the beard, and “pass” in public 99.9% of the time. My wife is just beginning. She’s barely begun HRT, and is trying to line up funds for her surgeries.

Cisgendered folks always thinks it’s about the genitals for us, but for my wife and I, it was all about our faces. She is concerned if she doesn’t get facial feminization surgery, that her 6’2″ frame will be impossible to read as female. She doesn’t walk about town with her dick out, but her face? Everyone sees that.

In this growing climate of increasing hatred and violence against transgender people, she’s understandably worried that if she can’t “pass” as female to the mouth breathing psychopaths out there, she will be targeted for violence. I’m worried for her, too.

In the wake of this not-so-silent message that the Trump administration sent over the weekend, my wife has to go to a very conservative part of my state. We had to have “The Talk”.

You know the one, where you strategize with your transgender friend on how not to get beaten to death for looking gay or trans to a bunch of confederate flag waving, truck driving, uneducated, assholes whose sole source of news is a screaming talk show host like Alex Jones.

I am also concerned about her ability to get her passport and social security card shifted over to female. I got in before Trump took over, and even managed to fight Arizona for my birth certificate.

My wife was born in my much more liberal state, so her birth certificate is not going to be an issue. However we are still worried about it.

One of the reasons I came out publicly, and transitioned when I did was that gay marriage was legalized. I don’t know if my wife would ever transition, and did not want my marriage, medical benefits, life insurance, and all the protections afforded to a married couple to be rendered dependent on someone else’s interpretation of my gender.

Now, we can be legally married, but the current administration wants to decide our gender for us, flying in the face of all medical and scientific knowledge on the subject. It’s just federally enforced bigotry.

It’s sad that when my wife and I worked for the Department of Defense, we were warned about me losing my insurance and protections as a transgender person. Even with those protections in place, I had to deal with an upper management supervisor going after me after I went out to have surgery.

Her bosses said sending emails to all my supervisors about my surgery making me “crazy” was not harassment. Her bosses said telling my audit clients this was not harassment. In the end, my mental health is more important that staying and fighting for a job, so my wife and I left.

When I went down for surgery, I met a transgender man that worked with OPM to put all of these protections in place. I told him what was going on and how OPM had warned us. He was adamant that he had worked on this with them, and that wasn’t the case. He was a bit condescending about it, actually. To him I was an idiot that didn’t understand he’d fought that fight for us. Now I wish he’d been right, and I had just misunderstood.

Instead, it turns out I was right. I wish I hadn’t been.


Inside The Black Mirror World of Polygraph Job Screenings | WIRED

From the article:

Want to become a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic? A WIRED investigation finds government jobs are one of the last holdouts in using—and misusing—otherwise debunked polygraph technology.

Source: Inside The Black Mirror World of Polygraph Job Screenings | WIRED

This is my favorite paragraph from this article:

According to the best available science, polygraph tests are no more reliable at extracting the truth than Wonder Woman’s magic lasso. But by the time a new installment of the super hero’s story is released, in November 2019, millions more polygraphs will have been administered across the nation.

Polygraphs are garbage. It’s not science, and you can pass them while lying if you know how. Penn & Teller had an episode of their old show Bullshit that covered this. I mean, it’s not revolutionary. This is not a magic lie detecting box.

According to the article those that administer the polygraph fail recipients that are not white more often, and it’s probably due to their own biases.

I have no idea why we still use this crap for anything.


Court rules antigay protesters rights were violated when police asked them to cross the street / LGBTQ Nation

From the article:

A federal court ruled that the city of Nashville violated the free speech rights of anti-gay protesters by asking them to move across the street from pride festivities.

In 2015, John McGlone and Jeremy Peters stood on a sidewalk at Public Square Park during Nashville Pride, using bullhorns and audio equipment to declare their hatred of gay people.

A police officer who was working security for the pride festival told them that they’d be arrested if they stayed on that sidewalk. So they crossed the street and continued their protest for a few hours.

McGlone and Peters sued. The city said that it had a right to ask them to move since they “interfered” with the message of the pride festival.

Source: Court rules antigay protesters rights were violated when police asked them to cross the street / LGBTQ Nation

As much as I hate these fuckers, this is incredibly tricky. I hate that these assholes show up to every Pride related event. I hate that they show up outside Planned Parenthood. I hate everything about them.

Yet, these tactics, of moving protestors where they have no impact, are used against liberal protestors too. Remember the free speech zones? It was a way to shove all criticisms and protest so far to the side that it didn’t even matter.

I’m older, and have my roots in a more punk subculture when I was young. That means I don’t think lawful protest is always going to get the job done. As I’ve aged, I really think social change comes from a combination of the good lawful peaceful protests combined with more aggressive elements here and there.

The problem is that if you do everything right, and get shoved into a free speech zone, nothing you do is going to matter. Police forces and politicians have had since the 1960s to figure out these tactics and completely nullify them. That’s why seeing idiots with signs outside the courthouse does little more but annoy folks that they are in their way to get in the door.

Then the 80s/90s came and more black block tactics started to rumble up. It’s disruptive, and got notice. That’s what it was supposed to do. The legacy of that is anti-fascist groups that have stepped up to fight our bona fide Nazi problem at protests. I support those glorious bastards, because if you want to be a Nazi? Get punched like a Nazi.

But that means that I am not sure making it legal to move asshole anti-gay protesters at Pride events is a good thing. At my first Pride parade one of these groups set up shop right behind us. Our group heckled and pressed them into the wall, where an apartment guy stole there hate banner. Made my day actually.

Sure we could mitigate the shittiness of their presence by making it legal to push protestors to the side, but that law will apply to everyone. I’m just not okay with that.

So while I hate these people, I am okay with this legal ruling. What I find more interesting is that these court rulings seem to only benefit anti-gay protestors and Planned Parenthood stalkers. That’s of more concern to me.

Gender Dysphoria in Children, or Harriet Hall is a dipshit.

From the article:

Gender transitions are becoming more and more common. Adults can make informed decisions about hormone treatments and gender reassignment surgeries, but what about children?

Source: Gender Dysphoria in Children – Science-Based Medicine

I read this article when it came out. It’s a half assed article filled with hand wringing over transgender children. It’s badly source, and about as scientific as my cats unreasonable fear of ceiling fans when they are on.

I must have read it the minute it came up, and so I tried to politely point out that it was badly referenced, and posted link after link after link to studies, data, and medical organizations that care for transgender people.

If you notice it’s written by Dr. Harriet Hall. This is not shocking. She has a history of really weird gender related posts. See this Skechick round up here. (I should note she’s taken out after the Skepchick’s more than once over the years, and there is a history of Hall doing shitty things in regards to them, then backing out and claiming to not have understood. I’m sure you can google it. She seems to pick fights with a lot of other skeptical writers.)

I’m a fan of the Science Based Medicine website, but I find that Hall, again and again, seems to deviate from her own area of expertise into this badly researched garbage.

What is notable about this article is that Will is pointing out that Dr. Hall, heavy on the Doctor, seems to keep conflating sex and gender. She also seems to not have even the remotest handle on terminology and best writing practices around queer terminology.

Will does a really good job on dealing with her badly researched and written fuckery.

This conflation of sex and gender is a theme she carries on with the current article she wrote, along with her complete lack of knowledge on the subject.

I can tell you as a transgender queer person, if I ended up in her general practice I would not have kept her as a doctor. It’s not a social justice agenda to look at someone’s terminology regarding transgender people, and say, “No fucking way do I trust you”. There is a very clear divide in how folks that have a problem with us refer to us compared to folks that actually work with us respectfully. It’s a clear red flag, that in my life, shows someone’s true agenda. If they can’t be bothered to even refer to the transgender community respectfully, you just know it’s going to go downhill from there.

That, is precisely how her article started out. She decided to create definitions of terms, launching into old terminology.

Then the meat of her article hung on a news item from Eternity News, which is an Australian biblical groups fear mongering write up of OMG! The Childrenz! They are being transgendered!

So this is a Science Based Medicine article, usually they are well researched and fact based, referencing it’s information on a biblical groups anti-LGBTQ agenda fueled article. I’m really not sure how you can be a science based anything, and base your hysteria on a bible group with a long history of anti-LGBTQ bias.

I think for me, and several other posters, what really got me was this comment she posted under the article:

I have no lived experience with the subject. I’m struggling to understand, and I researched and wrote about it to learn for myself and to start a discussion of some very controversial issues.

So she decided she knew nothing about the subject of transgender people, specifically children, and decided to write a scare mongering article on how children are getting surgery.

Let’s step back here for a moment, and let me remind everyone that transition for transgender children is a clothing change, name and pronoun change, and therapy.

That’s pretty much it until puberty, when hormone blockers are given. These are safe, and administered under a doctors care with labs and followup, to prevent puberty until such time the child is old enough to take hormones of the opposite gender. (Non binary is a different matter, and we won’t confuse the Harriet Hall’s of the world right now as she’s having a hard enough time with binary issues.)

Occasionally, late teens can get top surgery if they are female to male transgender men. This is pretty rare, and almost unheard of. It’s far easier to live in California and get a boob job if you are a 16 year old girl, than for a trans boy to get a double mastectomy and masculinizing top surgery.

My biggest beef is she admits she knows nothing on the subject at all, and still decided to write a shit article relying on shit sources.

We see this in the news all the time. The hysteria, and OMG, what about the childrenz!

She had commenters from WPATH and other Australian doctors, and people pointing out her fallacies and bad sources.

I doubt we ill have a new write up, or even an apology for her shitty bad research.

Every article some asshole posts like this has resounding effects in the transgender community. TERFs and Trolls use them to attack our most vulnerable members. Harriet Hall just gave them more ammunition.

(I just edited the title to reflect the issue as of 9/18/18. This is scheduled to come out later. It’s because she doubled down on the issue by deciding criticisms of the TERF driven ROGD diagnosis is suppression of evidence. Apparently the “doctor” can’t read a study and figure out what is good evidence and bad. We knew that though, because she seemed to think Eternity News was valid as a scientific view on being transgender. New post here. )




Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria = Rapid Onset Bad Science



Buckle in, this one is personal.

There was recently a terribly bad study on ROGD. This is not a syndrome, or condition. It stands for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, and was created by the study author, Lisa Littman. It’s a badly designed study, and puts forth the theory that there is a contagious spread of becoming transgender in teens and children.

This study was published in PLOS One this year.

From the abstract:

In on-line forums, parents have been reporting that their children are experiencing what is described here as “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” appearing for the first time during puberty or even after its completion. The onset of gender dysphoria seemed to occur in the context of belonging to a peer group where one, multiple, or even all of the friends have become gender dysphoric and transgender-identified during the same timeframe. Parents also report that their children exhibited an increase in social media/internet use prior to disclosure of a transgender identity. The purpose of this study was to document and explore these observations and describe the resulting presentation of gender dysphoria, which is inconsistent with existing research literature.

It’s absolute garbage. They sought out parents in anti-transgender websites and groups who did not believe their children were transgender, and used this as evidence for their theory.

PLOS One is has noted they are doing more assessments of this study’s methodology and analysis.

Brown University, the author, Lisa Littman’s employer has retracted their press release on it, citing it’s the responsible thing to do.

If you want a really in depth take down with footnotes? Go to Gender Analysis’ Zinnia Jones. I do not agree with all of Zinia’s perspectives, but when it comes to good well researched write ups, Zinnia is kind of the gold standard.

Lisa Littman’s original ROGD garbage study attributed an Tumblr blog as her definition for gender dysphoria. As if the DSM and other medical options weren’t available for her to use as a launch point.

The study was a 90 question survey in multiple choice. The respondents were recruited from three websites, 4thwavenow, Transgender Trends, and Youth Transcritical Professionals. They found 256 parents that frequented these websites.  Yeah. That sounds like a great start point to some unbiased science-ing.

Zinnia was recently quoted in a WSJ article, where all that careful researched and footnoted analysis was reduced to the following:

And Zinnia Jones, founder of the website Gender Analysis, called rapid-onset gender dysphoria a “hoax diagnosis” perpetuated by those who would deny transgender children “acceptance and affirmation.” The motto of Ms. Jones’s website: “The personal is empirical.”

The effort at suppression had an effect. …

Suppression. . . Bad science that has an axe to grind against transgender people is being framed as the suppression of good science.

This is in spite of WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, and the gold standard by which most therapists and surgeons follow. This is the de-facto standard of care for all trans folks.

I don’t always agree with WPATH. I think they are too slow, and don’t account for some of us that are not interested in therapy, and just want to use an informed consent model and get through our transition as fast as possible. This is why I had to get two therapist letters to get surgery. One from a therapist, and one from a therapist with a fancy doctorate. That’s because almost all insurance companies and surgeons follow these guidelines.

That’s the point though, they are careful, slow, and creating standards of care for transgender people that are inclusive and well thought out. I might like to go rushing out and get shit done, and it’s worked well for me, but that is definitely not for everyone.

WPATH has responded to this half-assed badly designed shit-pile of a study refuting it.

They basically very academically refute that ROGD is anything at all, and encourages further scientific exploration of the topic.

So there is a list of medical and scientific professionals that are starting to line up behind this study to say it’s garbage, and yet the mainstream media is still writing it up as a poor beleaguered Lisa Littman beset by trans activists attempting to silence her.

Often when transgender issue are written about in the mainstream media they are written as salacious clickbait, or as a way to encourage the idea that we are all crazy and dangerous to others.

This study takes the idea that transgender children and teens might have other similar LGBTQ friends as a method of support, while they have parents that frequent anti-transgender websites, and decides we are a disease vector and a danger to children because we will turn them transgender by existing.

I cannot put enough weight behind the fact that this study says we, transgender people, are a danger to even being around children and teens, because we will somehow infect them with our transgender-ness. This is horrific.

The fact that this was published, and is supported by newspapers and other academics is incredibly disappointing.


Begging to Be Sterilized-The denial of permanent sterilization for women who want it. 

From the article:

“It seemed at the time to be exactly what life was about, and only just barely staying alive, curling up in corners of lonely, unclean rooms in shaking fits of sadness too raw to keep inside …

Source: Begging to Be Sterilized | Autostraddle

This is an issue that effected me profoundly when I thought I was a young woman. I am hyper sensitive to medications. Birth control pills turned my world upside down, and it was horrific. Yet, I was a woman bodied person having sex with men, and the only thing that scared me more than the birth control options I had, was the idea of getting pregnant. I had a couple pregnancy scares, and I can say without hyperbole carrying a child to term was something I( would have committed suicide before doing. At the time, I could not have articulated why. I had no words to express that am a transgender man, and that was the biggest trigger for dysphoria I had.

My solution? At the age of 20 I started calling doctors. It started when I asked if my insurance company covered the loathed birth control pills. I was married to my current husband back then, and he had Retail Clerks insurance, which at the time would cover just about anything. . . but birth control. My phone call ended after the guy offered unhelpfully that they did cover tubal ligations.

Then I started the calls. I called every doctor in my small town. I had my spell. I am 20 and want a tubal ligation. Will the doctor do that? I was denied even getting into the office repeatedly. The first ten I was met with nurses and people telling me there were laws and regulations. I knew there weren’t. These were lies to prevent me from a possible surgical event for which I knew I’d kill myself over. I could not even articulate to them the situation because I had no words for it. I just knew.

I kept calling. I eventually got a hold of a doc that was new to town. He was a middle aged gynecologist. I got an appointment and my husband and best friend went with me. It would be a good thing too, because while the doc was willing to do the tubal ligation, he was not willing unless my husband signed consent forms with me. If my husband did not consent to what I was doing to my body, the doc was not willing to do it.

Even then, with the doctor’s blessing, the nurse pulled me into a side office for over an hour, with no sign of let up appealing to my husband and I that I shouldn’t do this. That I wonder never feel fulfilled as a woman if I couldn’t get pregnant.

I remember her telling me it was permanent, and saying so are my tattoos.

The doctor walked by, and saw us still here, and furiously told her to leave us alone. I remember being grateful for that.

After this, I learned there are a lot of women bodied people looking for access to sterilization. Online we passed prospective gynecologists around like treasured secrets. I gave advice on the need to be tenacious, and never give up. There is a doctor out there that will take your money. You just have to find her.

This is a reproductive issue. The gal in the article has PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoric Syndrome. She had mad reactions every month in concert to her menstrual cycle.

I can relate. I had an estrogen sensitivity, which allowed my cycle to continue to screw with me years after I stopped menstruating and was taking testosterone as a transgender man. Mine included cyclical exasperations of lichen sclerosis, or an immune system disorder that causes your immune system to attack your own skin until it’s in blood strips on your genitals.

It wasn’t until well past my transition to man, when I had a hysterectomy and oopherectomy that these things went away.

I could manage a tubal ligation, but as a woman bodied person, I never found anyone that would do that surgery for me. I had even plotted the possibility of building a medical case by lying about pain, and adhesion related symptoms. As an old nurse, I knew that was one fo the things they might do it for.

The point of all this is that adults should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies. Infantilizing women, or people that look like women, by the medical industry professionals in these kinds of matters is horrific.

When WHO Assigns Our Genders, Who Assigns Our Genders? – The Establishment


From the article:

If one isn’t trans until marked that way, but must also have been “born that way,” transness-as-diagnosis is revealed as a paradox; it simply doesn’t make sense. And what do we make of trans men and women who choose not to receive sex-reassignment surgery; who are comfortable with and even enjoy the genitalia they were born with? What do we make of the “Borderlands” (a borrowed term from Gloria Anzaldúa’s work) between butchness and transmasculinity, as Jack Halberstam discusses in Female Masculinity? How do we come to basic conclusions about what “normal gender” is so as to define incongruity in the first place?

If we look to Judith Butler, who notes the ways in which gender is an ideal to be imitated and not a fundamental truth, it would appear that efforts to nail down a true trans diagnosis are grounded in efforts to further clarify (primarily Western) gender roles in general, by defining those who violate them. Pathological incongruity helps to mark normative gender’s outer limits.

Source: When WHO Assigns Our Genders, Who Assigns Our Genders? – The Establishment

If you ever wondered about the diagnosis side of being transgender and the complicated window into how that all works, this is a good article.

I personally hate the system that forced me to hop psych doctors to get the diagnosis specifically so I could get covered by insurance. I don’t think there is anything wrong with me and the diagnosis criteria force me, like the author, to edit and present information to fit the narrative that they expected.

I didn’t have much of an issue until I got older. I was probably transgender my entire life, but happy in a girls body, living that life until it wasn’t. I didn’t have body dysmorphia at all until I started transitions, and my more binary gender identity was thrust into more gender nonconforming territory for a few years.

That is not the narrative you have to present in order to be taken seriously as a trans person. Yet, as a “Not trans enough” person, I’m on testosterone, and have had a full set of top and bottom surgeries and am happier than I have ever been. Too bad I had to selectively edit my experiences to fit what the diagnosis required. That’s not true to myself.

This new diagnosis code is a mixed bag. I have mixed feelings on the new ICD definitions of being transgender. I think they lean too heavily on “the one true narrative”, and don’t really take into account that experiences differ widely.