Alabama Abortion Law Highlights Poor Maternity, Childcare Stats

Reproductive Health is Abortion Rights

From the article:

In Alabama, a state that just passed a total ban on abortion, more than a quarter of children live in poverty; 30 percent of those children are under the age of five.

Only half of Alabama’s 67 counties have an obstetrician.

Infant care for a single child in Alabama takes up an average of 11 percentof a family’s income. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, child care costs are unaffordable when they exceed 7 percent of a family’s income.

Single mothers in Alabama spend 29 percent of their income on childcare costs.

Child care costs for families with two children—an infant and a four year old—cost 28 percent more than the average rent in the state.

About 88 percent of Alabama’s rural hospitals are operating “in the red.”

Alabama has the second highest infant mortality rate in the country.

Source: Alabama Abortion Law Highlights Poor Maternity, Childcare Stats

Yeah, abortion was really the biggest issue in Alabama. . . I say sarcastically.

It’s almost like these politicians don’t actually care about the people that make up their constituents.