Missouri State Senate Passes a Near-Total Abortion Ban

Reproductive Health is Abortion Rights

From the article:

Now that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed a near-total ban on abortion into law, Missouri is the latest state to follow suit.

Source: Missouri State Senate Passes a Near-Total Abortion Ban

This is a no-exception ban on abortion after 8 weeks.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s with the knowledge I could access abortion, was a comfort to a guy that was born into a woman’s body. While I was fairly comfortable with how I looked, the idea of pregnancy haunted me so much I got a tubal ligation at the age of 20. The mere idea of being pregnant was a total no go.

Planned Parenthood saved my life because I had a pregnancy scare at 16, and I had no way to express the horror I felt at the idea of being pregnant. They tested me, got me on birth control, and I felt safe again. I’m not sure I’d still be here if I had been forced to be pregnant. I had already planned that at the age of 16.

My fear of pregnancy was enough that I took birth control pills in secret, and made the men I slept with use condoms as if that was the only birth control to avoid the inevitable straight boy arguments.

When I was older I took some of my friends, and eventually my sister for an abortion. Each instance was a case of extremes. Homelessness, drug abuse, or in my sisters case, spousal violence. None of those women could have carried a baby to term.

This concerted effort to outlaw one of the safest procedures you can medically get, is a violence against anyone that can get pregnant.