Suspected Colorado gunman joked about school shootings, friend says – CNN

From the article:

One of the suspects in the deadly Colorado school shooting is a bully who joked about shootings and threatened other students for years, a former friend said.

Source: Suspected Colorado gunman joked about school shootings, friend says – CNN

It’s not really shocking that the main instigator in the shooting was a young man that traded in violent threats and bullying. If you look back to the Columbine shooting, it’s much the same, despite the mythology of it all.

In fact, if you want a really good break down, Ask a Mortician does one of the best I’ve seen. She breaks it down in under under 14 minutes, how the mythology is so incredibly off base to what really happened.

Having another school shooting isn’t shocking in this country because there will always be violent young men, and we give them far too much access to guns. It’s that simple. Guns expedite the process of murder.

The shooting takes an unusual twist in that the second boy in the shooting was transgender. 

In all the usual news sources, this has become something of a sensationalistic point. Conservative hate-sites are just boiling over with this tidbit of news. In reality, transgender men have similar crime patterns as cis men.

As a transgender man, it’s sad to see someone going through what I have choose to become a fucking murderer. I know it’s going to end up used as a sensationalistic talking point by those that want to attack transgender people. It’s even possible that this might poke a hole in the invisible curtain that hides transgender men from view, culturally. It’s not exactly the kind of representation I was hoping for.

In all, I don’t have a lot of empathy towards anyone that engages in violence, even someone from my own community.

I am so tired of these events happening, and out lawmakers putting up their hands to give “thoughts and prayers” and not actually fixing the issue.