Women in Media Are Blacklisted for Filing Sex Harassment Suits

From the article:

It’s been nearly three years since Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against then-CEO Roger Ailes, prompting a slew of similar high-profile suits and executive oustings both at Fox and at other major networks. Media’s MeToo moment is as visible as Hollywood’s, toppling giants like CBS’s Les Moonves, NBC’s Matt Lauer, and Charlie Rose. But the women who filed suits against them and men like them say they too are now paying a professional price.

Source: Women in Media Are Blacklisted for Filing Sex Harassment Suits

This is not new, and not limited to any particular profession. When I was a nurse, I remember my administrator telling me my pick for hiring was not going to work because she had heard the nurse I wanted had filed a sexual harassment claim at another facility. I was totally taken aback because there had been rumors about that guy for years, but it was the nurse that complained that I couldn’t hire. I was young, and just shocked and angry.

Predators get second chances, but their victims are often blacklisted and impacted for the rest of their life.