Medicare’s Uncapped Drug Costs Hit Elderly Hard : Shots – Health News : NPR

From the article:

Unlike many private health plans, Medicare has no cap on out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs in Part D. As the cost of specialty drugs rises, some Medicare patients owe thousands of dollars.

Source: Medicare’s Uncapped Drug Costs Hit Elderly Hard : Shots – Health News : NPR

I saw this first hand when Medicare started up its Part D when I was a nurse in 2003. I literally sat down with elderly patients, and we sorted the medications they could do without and not die, or be so uncomfortable they felt like dying.

It is a travesty built on the unregulated costs the pharmacological industry is able to raise in a predatory manner, and the reluctance of our political representatives to institute legislation to protect our most vulnerable populations.

They did close what is called the “donut hole” which was if you were sick enough, and needed enough meds, there would be a stop in coverage. After a few thousand dollars of medications, it was thought you should pay your own, until you were “really sick” because folks that used more meds should pay more. This belies the reality that folks on more meds are probably too sick to have many resources left.

So now, they just don’t have a cap on drug coverage like any other sane insurance plan. They still pay 25% of their meds, and with the way drug companies price things? Jesus, that can cost.

The article dicsucxcs a man taking Copaxone that costs $75,000 annually. The patient will have to pay $5100 before it drops to $295 a month. I mean, I guess if you have MS and the med helps, but are poor? You just do without.