Florida Lawmaker to Sex Workers:  They’re Criminals, I Don’t Need to Listen

Fromt he article:

On Tuesday, two sex workers spoke before a Florida subcommittee considering a pair of bills that would ostensibly target sex trafficking. They spoke out about how the bills could harm them and urged lawmakers to listen to sex workers, only to then be promptly dismissed as criminals by one of the bill’s sponsors.

Source: Florida Lawmaker to Sex Workers:  They’re Criminals, I Don’t Need to Listen

Criminalizing sex workers to the this degree is so harmful. It also drives everyone so deep underground that you will not be able to find actual trafficking victims.

Plus, Republican Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen is a cold hearted shitbag that has no human empathy at all. It’s like these people want to put sex workers in this “criminal” bucket with no idea on how it works, who does it, and how a lot of people end up doing it. These are human beings engaged in consensual services. One of the gals this jackass insulted was a dominatrix. No sex involved, so that’s not even criminal by her genital-touching standards.