Bleeding Heartland

From the article:

HSB 185 is a clear attempt by MidAmerican to monopolize the sun in Iowa. This bill undermines net metering, a policy that allows homeowners and businesses to invest in and use their own solar energy at their own home or business. Iowa has over 800 jobs in the solar industry at small businesses across the state. A recent jobs analysis by the Solar Foundation showed that 86 percent of solar jobs nationally are in the residential and business market while only 14 percent are in utility-scale solar. This bill threatens the solar industry in Iowa as we know it.

Once again, the monopoly utilities are attempting to squash customer choice and sell as many kilowatt hours of electricity as possible while misleading policymakers about the reality of what solar contributes to the grid. Analyses in other states, such as Minnesota, have found that distributed solar more than pays for the infrastructure necessary to support it with the high-value electricity it provides to the grid. This bill is a solving a problem that simply does not exist.

Source: Bleeding Heartland

This article has several updates, and the legislative piece was written by corporate interests.