Southern Baptist Convention Leadership Turned Back on Hundreds of Abuse Survivors

From the article:

Leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention, which represents 47,000 churches and 15 million people who belong to the second-largest faith in America, has, for decades, enabled church leaders who raped, molested, and abused as many as 700 victims over the span of 20 years.

Since 1998, of the 380 church leaders and staff who allegedly sexually abused victims, most have have been convicted, successfully sued, confessed, or resigned. But according to a new investigation by the San-Antonio Express and the Houston Chronicle, nearly three dozen church staff and volunteers “who exhibited predatory behavior” were taken back in by the church, which “failed to alert law enforcement about complaints or to warn other congregations about allegations of misconduct,” and some registered sex offenders came back to the pulpit—including one preacher who sexually assaulted a teen. The SBC bans gay people and women from becoming pastors, but has no laws against allowing convicted sex offenders from working in churches.

Source: Southern Baptist Convention Leadership Turned Back on Hundreds of Abuse Survivors

Holy fucking shit. That’s 700 victims. How does any organization stay intact when they actively swept the sexual assault of 700 victims under the rug?


I mean, I am left sputtering with nothing coherent to say, because there are 700 victims here.

My only theory is they used the hierarchical power structures inherent in the church to suppress victims, combined with religious power. Pastors and religious leaders have so much power over their victims, and it’s so egregious when a man with that kind of power uses it to engage in sexually predatory ways.

Disband the whole fucking lot of them.