Charges: Man harassed, assaulted lesbian couple at Seahawks game | KOMO

From the article:

SEATTLE – King County prosecutors have accused a 34-year-old Tacoma man of harassing a lesbian couple for their sexual orientation at a Seahawks game last month, groping one of the women and punching the other in the face. Jay Dee Harp III was charged last week with second-degree assault and malicious harassment, Washington’s hate crime statute. He bailed out of jail the day after his arrest, but a King County Superior Court judge increased his bail and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Source: Charges: Man harassed, assaulted lesbian couple at Seahawks game | KOMO

It’s like 99% of people or more are decent normal human beings if you are in the LGBTQ bubble, but then there’s this less than 1% who are fucking douchebags. The problem is you don’t know if they are just going to mutter about you being a “dyke” or a “fag” or a “tranny” or if they are going to act on their need to bully others and attack.

This guy, Jay Dee Harp III, attacked two women . by getting drunk and making malicious anti-gay statements, before yanking at their clothing and grabbing one women’s breast and throwing his beer in her face.

Luckily, this happened in Seattle where other fans took the guy down, but he got back up and punched one fo the women in the face casing damage to her teeth.

At least the police were on the side of justice. It might have helped that the dude punched an officer, too.

This is the fear I live with. My wife is entering a very trans-obvious phase of her transition, and that 1% is chock full of shit bags. Will they deny her employment? Will they say something shitty to her in an elevator? Both of those have already happened. Will she win the bigot Lotto and have one of these guys attack? You just have no idea.

These shitbags look like normal folks until they act out.

It’s nice to see Jay Dee Harp III is getting charged. I wish he never crossed paths with those women, because even if the crowd and the police were on the right side of history on this, they were still sexually assaulted and need dental work.