There are Christian health plans. They are as anti-LGBTQ as you’d expect. / LGBTQ Nation

From the article:

Altogether, the ministries cover more than a million Americans. While not all are geared toward evangelicals, the bulk of them are. Thanks to a fluke in Obamacare, the ministries don’t have to adhere to any of the regulations that govern the rest of the insurance market.

That means picking and choosing who gets insurance and what gets covered, based on the ministries’ definition of Biblical standards. Many of the ministries only accept applications from evangelicals.

As for LGBTQ people, forget it. Medi-Share, one of the largest ministries, states that members have to “live by Biblical standards” and “must only engage in sexual relations within a Biblical Christian Marriage.” It also requires members to attest that they do not drink or smoke and attend church regularly.

Some ministries require you to attest to your condemnation of marriage equality.

Source: There are Christian health plans. They are as anti-LGBTQ as you’d expect. / LGBTQ Nation

As an auditor, I’d love to see the books on these.

They cost less because they cover less, and don’t let people that are actually in need of coverage sign on. No preexisting conditions, reduced drug coverage. No preventative care. I am betting reproductive health care is right out.

If they aren’t covering anything, then it’s just another Christian scam set to use the faith of Christians to sell a product that won’t help them when they need it. I am always amazed at how Christians take advantage of other Christians.