Science Based Medicine. The End of my Readership.

I decided to stop reading Science Based Medicine today. I made the suggestion that while they are looking for contributors that they also look for someone with some expertise in LBGTQ issues due to the tragic TERF-y posts that had recently been posted by Dr. Harriett Hall.

I wrote about Dr. Hall’s article where she thought children were being forced to transition, based on a religious groups article out of Australia.

I also wrote about how she decided when a poorly performed study that was created to bolster the ideology of the studies authors by the university they worked at was not “Squelching Controversial Evidence.”

People with “moderator” tags came in swinging at the request for contributors or advisors with LBGTQ knowledge, and that was allowed.

I’ve already seen the skeptic movement eat its own in regards to women being involved. It was a huge hairy deal in the athiest/skeptic groups where old guard neckbeards acted like outraged children when Rebecca Watson made the innocent comment that stalking a woman into an elevator late at night to pressure her into going to your hotel room is not behavior any woman wants.

A lot of bad science and logic was used to attack women in the skeptic movement. (Obvious disclosure, I used to write for the Skepchick’s sister site, Queereka for a short period, and Skepchick was heavily attacked by these giant man babies.)

I’m not particularly interested in a bunch of uneducated twats hiding behind bad science and sources to promote their own anti-transgender bigotry.

I feel the same way when I discovered the author of the webcomic Sinfest, is a TERF in the truest sense of the word, opening up a second forum for “radical feminism” and watching a transgender woman try to join in and get crucified and vilified for trying.

Mostly, I felt like Science Based Medicine were the good guys. I have read them since they started, and loved them. I felt they were fighting a good righteous fight to put out good science. I linked to their article on testosterone usage for middle aged men a lot, as it helped explain how testosterone is probably not going to be the fountain of youth middle-aged men think it is. I really looked up to them.

To see those two articles go by without a peep, a rebuttal, or anything was hard. In an ideal world, Dr. Hall would have taken that bounty of links and information and offers of help, and used them. Instead she doubled down.

Now I have to watch a moderator and several commenters pull up the TERF rhetoric that there is some sort of organized transgender front that you can’t dissent on, or we will what? Get them? Make a polite complaint asking them to educate themselves? Stop reading them in frustration?

Yeah, apparently my decision to stop reading a blog that is spreading misinformation about transgender people was a problem to the moderator. I guess us pesky transgender folks should just ignore the outright bad information, and just keep paying patreon for more?

If they can’t get that information right, then I can’t trust them on any topic to get right. At least I still have the Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast, as Steven Novella has written some well reasoned posts on gender, sex, and sexuality.

The thing is, there are a lot of topics about being transgender that do need discussion, and are weird grey areas because there are so few of us. That doesn’t include Science Based Medicine’s recent blogs by Dr. Hall and her fear mongering garbage.

More studies are in order, but the consensus on medical care for transgender adults and teens is very established, despite the outraged screams about it.

I just can’t recommend Science Based Medicine as a good source of information because if they borked it so badly on transgender people, who knows what else they screwed up, that I just don’t have the expertise to notice?