School Contractor in Texas Denied Work Over Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath

From the article:

A CHILDREN’S SPEECH PATHOLOGIST who has worked for the last nine years with developmentally disabled, autistic, and speech-impaired elementary school students in Austin, Texas, has been told that she can no longer work with the public school district, after she refused to sign an oath vowing that she “does not” and “will not” engage in a boycott of Israel or “otherwise tak[e] any action that is intended to inflict economic harm” on that foreign nation. A lawsuit on her behalf was filed early Monday morning in a federal court in the Western District of Texas, alleging a violation of her First Amendment right of free speech.

The child language specialist, Bahia Amawi, is a U.S. citizen who received a master’s degree in speech pathology in 1999 and, since then, has specialized in evaluations for young children with language difficulties (see video below). Amawi was born in Austria and has lived in the U.S. for the last 30 years, fluently speaks three languages (English, German, and Arabic), and has four U.S.-born American children of her own.

Source: School Contractor in Texas Denied Work Over Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath

This is the only political clause in the contract she was asked to sign. It harkens back to the days of Henry Ford, when he rigidly controlled his employees outside or work activities and politics.

The contract didn’t even have any “vows” to protect children from abuse, and not support trafficking of children. Just a crazy Israel clause in the USA.

I think this paragraph explains why this is so unusual to have such a weird clause for another country in the work contract:

In order to obtain contracts in Texas, then, a citizen is free to denounce and work against the United States, to advocate for causes that directly harm American children, and even to support a boycott of particular U.S. states, such as was done in 2017 to North Carolina in protest of its anti-LGBT law. In order to continue to work, Amawi would be perfectly free to engage in any political activism against her own country, participate in an economic boycott of any state or city within the U.S., or work against the policies of any other government in the world — except Israel.

This has nothing to do with working in Texas, working with children, or protecting her employer or those children. It’s a totally batshit insane clause about Israel coming out fo the blue.

The school district said if she didn’t sign the oath, she couldn’t work for them after a career there.

This is all happening because Texas put in new Israel specific state law in 2017 that is so broad that victims of Hurricane Harvey could not get disaster relieve without signing this oath. The author is an evangelical Christian nut job, that doubled down on it when this happened.

Texas isn’t the only one, as currently 26 states have such laws on the books with 14 more pending.

The article runs down a very clear problem with this law, and shows that libertarians and conservatives are not okay with this any more than liberals. This is all over bad law, and probably wouldn’t hold up in court.

If you want to know why Evangelical fanatics have a hard on about Israel, read this article: 

For many conservative evangelicals, Jerusalem is not about politics. It is not about peace plans or Palestinians or two-state solutions. It is about prophecy. About the Bible. And, most certainly, it is about the end-times.
It’s about as crazy as you might have come to expect from these people.