Want To Know Why Tumblr Is Cracking Down On Sex? Look To FOSTA/SESTA – The Establishment

From the article:

Last week both Tumblr and Facebook announced changes to their terms of service, severely limiting sexual expression. Tumblr opted to remove adult content, while Facebook amended their policy on sexual solicitation to effectively ban talking about sex at all on their platform. As a queer person and a porn producer/performer, it has been a scary week.

But what’s behind it? Is it Apple’s removal of the Tumblr app from their store, is it payment processors again? Yes, in part, but this isn’t the whole picture.

I’ve been in this line of work three years and have seen platforms cave into demands to remove sexual content from payment processors, but this feels different to me. Facebook already didn’t allow sex workers on its platform, and I don’t believe Tumblr is beholden to PP’s the same way sites like Patreon are, because they aren’t charging their user base the same way.

So why clamp down now, and why did the announcements come so close together? To my eyes the answer lies in the twin-headed anti-sex demon that is SESTA/FOSTA.

Source: Want To Know Why Tumblr Is Cracking Down On Sex? Look To FOSTA/SESTA – The Establishment

This is the best take on the Tumblr/Facebook/Instagram crackdown that I’ve seen.

The problem is that the way posts are being flagged is arbitrary, and hits sites with LGBTQ subjects, and just sex workers discussing how to survive.

I really like this write up, because it shows that SESTA/FOSTA did nothing to help sex trafficking victims. If anything, it made it harder to reach them and help them.