U.N. Study Finds That Home Is Actually the Most Dangerous Place for Women

From the article:

A new study from the United Nations finds that more than half of female murder victims last year were killed by their partners or family members. The U.N.’s Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that according to their research using available homicide data, that means six women are killed every hour by people they know.

Africa and the Americas are regions where women are most likely to be killed by people they know, with the rate in America being 1.6 victims per 100,000 women. “Targeted criminal justice responses are needed to prevent and end gender-related killings,” UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov wrote in a press release for the study, which added that there hasn’t been much progress in protecting victims of intimate partner violence or family-related homicide has in recent years despite legislation.

Source: U.N. Study Finds That Home Is Actually the Most Dangerous Place for Women

This has been known for years, but having good hard data is always helpful. Rape, child sexual assault, and murder for for women are usually always perpetrated by a person that they know. Getting data allows us to change how we view these crimes, and respond to them.

How many women are murdered by intimate acquaintances is apparently political. California Rep (D), Jackie Speier, was recently fact checked because she tweeted this:

The number is specifically 2.54 to 3.2, instead fo 3. As if rounding for a tweet isn’t a thing. It depends on which report you are using. Then the article digs into what it means to be an intimate acquaintance, as if just being known by the victim isn’t enough.

Politifact determined her comment was correct, and right on track, and rated it as mostly true.

This has to be fact checked because there re a lot fo people are out there that will argue with any domestic violence statistics. Why? They are assholes with an ax to grind.