Alabama Wasted $21,000 to Jail a Man for 15 Months Over $10 of Cannabis | Civilized Life

From the article:

If you needed any more proof that marijuana prohibition is a futile and outright racist public policy, take a look at the situation in Alabama, which wastes approximately $22 million on cannabis enforcement without putting a dent in the supply of or demand for marijuana in the state.

Enforcing cannabis prohibition costs Alabama taxpayers approximately $22 million per year, which would be enough to fund an additional 191 preschool classrooms or pay 571 more K-12 teachers, according to a joint study from the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But instead of investing in the state’s children, those tax dollars are being used to slap residents with criminal records that severely limit their access to education and diminish their job prospects.

Source: Alabama Wasted $21,000 to Jail a Man for 15 Months Over $10 of Cannabis | Civilized Life

This article also rightly points out that this disproportionately effects people of color. White folks smoke pot pretty openly and do not face the risks that people of color do.

What the fuck Alabama. This is why you have the reputation you do.