Harriet Hall Manages to be stupid about transgender issues again. . . shocking. . .


I already have a post on the previous asinine article she wrote from her position of authority at Science Based Medicine.

This new article she wrote, is titled:

Rapid-onset Gender Dysphoria and Squelching Controversial Evidence

If that’s not a clear agenda, I don’t know what is. I’ve already written about how bad this study was.

It was a truly terrible study that cherry picked 90 responses from parents that frequented transgender critical websites with a history of very anti-trans rhetoric.

As an aside for me, anti-transgender rhetoric is so weird. I’m transgender, and I also have green eyes. It’s all the same. It’s a trait I have, that doesn’t necessarily define anything else about me. Yet, folks get up in arms about it. Are there also folks that are spitting mad that I have green eyes? They must not have as big a lobby.

Because of the past drama’s I’ve seen Harriet Hall involve herself in, I am not shocked she decided to double down. Her public speaking life is rife with these kinds of petty behaviors. I still remember when she wore a T-shirt to a convention to mock the Skepchick’s back in the day, then claimed she didn’t know it was a hurtful thing to do. This was during the A+ period, where women that were a part of the atheist and skeptical movement were facing a growing backlash to their presence. (Disclosure: I wrote on transgender issues on their sister LGBT site for a while. I had no contact with any of the women involved, but it did make me decide never to attend atheist conventions as a transgender man married to a transgender woman.)

However, I am not thrilled she has discovered that transgender people exist, and that she is now going to hamfistedly attempt to frame bigotry as the “Squelching of controversial evidence.”

I am all for more studies on my demographic. We need them. However, bad science is bad science. Lisa Littman’s study attributed Tumblr blogs, and gender critical websites. That’s like an anti vaccination study that only attributes anti-vac sites and facebook posts. It’s just not good practice, and it is certainly not good science.

I am a real fan of Science Based Medicine as a website, but if this is their method, to put badly written anti-transgender fan fiction out, it really makes me start to wonder. I mean, if a subject I know so well can be butchered, then how can I trust the rest of the articles. It was thier devotion to facts and good hard evidence that made me a real fan.

I can’t in good faith recommend this website as a good resource anymore. I just don’t know if it is. There are authors there that I still trust to do a good job, but I think I will have to seek out there personal blogs, and dump this one. If a “Science Based” website is going to rely on citations to the religious Eternity News, and studies with methodology so bad everyone has ripped it apart, and it’s in process of getting pulled by PLOS One, then it’s not really science based after all.

I just wish Harriet Hall’s need for drama didn’t include transgender people as a way to stir the pot. Either that, or she really is an idiot about gender issues.

Either way, I’m just personally disgusted by the fact that she’s posting under the guise of authority at Science Based Medicine to push this garbage. It’s not science based at all.