Gender Dysphoria in Children, or Harriet Hall is a dipshit.

From the article:

Gender transitions are becoming more and more common. Adults can make informed decisions about hormone treatments and gender reassignment surgeries, but what about children?

Source: Gender Dysphoria in Children – Science-Based Medicine

I read this article when it came out. It’s a half assed article filled with hand wringing over transgender children. It’s badly source, and about as scientific as my cats unreasonable fear of ceiling fans when they are on.

I must have read it the minute it came up, and so I tried to politely point out that it was badly referenced, and posted link after link after link to studies, data, and medical organizations that care for transgender people.

If you notice it’s written by Dr. Harriet Hall. This is not shocking. She has a history of really weird gender related posts. See this Skechick round up here. (I should note she’s taken out after the Skepchick’s more than once over the years, and there is a history of Hall doing shitty things in regards to them, then backing out and claiming to not have understood. I’m sure you can google it. She seems to pick fights with a lot of other skeptical writers.)

I’m a fan of the Science Based Medicine website, but I find that Hall, again and again, seems to deviate from her own area of expertise into this badly researched garbage.

What is notable about this article is that Will is pointing out that Dr. Hall, heavy on the Doctor, seems to keep conflating sex and gender. She also seems to not have even the remotest handle on terminology and best writing practices around queer terminology.

Will does a really good job on dealing with her badly researched and written fuckery.

This conflation of sex and gender is a theme she carries on with the current article she wrote, along with her complete lack of knowledge on the subject.

I can tell you as a transgender queer person, if I ended up in her general practice I would not have kept her as a doctor. It’s not a social justice agenda to look at someone’s terminology regarding transgender people, and say, “No fucking way do I trust you”. There is a very clear divide in how folks that have a problem with us refer to us compared to folks that actually work with us respectfully. It’s a clear red flag, that in my life, shows someone’s true agenda. If they can’t be bothered to even refer to the transgender community respectfully, you just know it’s going to go downhill from there.

That, is precisely how her article started out. She decided to create definitions of terms, launching into old terminology.

Then the meat of her article hung on a news item from Eternity News, which is an Australian biblical groups fear mongering write up of OMG! The Childrenz! They are being transgendered!

So this is a Science Based Medicine article, usually they are well researched and fact based, referencing it’s information on a biblical groups anti-LGBTQ agenda fueled article. I’m really not sure how you can be a science based anything, and base your hysteria on a bible group with a long history of anti-LGBTQ bias.

I think for me, and several other posters, what really got me was this comment she posted under the article:

I have no lived experience with the subject. I’m struggling to understand, and I researched and wrote about it to learn for myself and to start a discussion of some very controversial issues.

So she decided she knew nothing about the subject of transgender people, specifically children, and decided to write a scare mongering article on how children are getting surgery.

Let’s step back here for a moment, and let me remind everyone that transition for transgender children is a clothing change, name and pronoun change, and therapy.

That’s pretty much it until puberty, when hormone blockers are given. These are safe, and administered under a doctors care with labs and followup, to prevent puberty until such time the child is old enough to take hormones of the opposite gender. (Non binary is a different matter, and we won’t confuse the Harriet Hall’s of the world right now as she’s having a hard enough time with binary issues.)

Occasionally, late teens can get top surgery if they are female to male transgender men. This is pretty rare, and almost unheard of. It’s far easier to live in California and get a boob job if you are a 16 year old girl, than for a trans boy to get a double mastectomy and masculinizing top surgery.

My biggest beef is she admits she knows nothing on the subject at all, and still decided to write a shit article relying on shit sources.

We see this in the news all the time. The hysteria, and OMG, what about the childrenz!

She had commenters from WPATH and other Australian doctors, and people pointing out her fallacies and bad sources.

I doubt we ill have a new write up, or even an apology for her shitty bad research.

Every article some asshole posts like this has resounding effects in the transgender community. TERFs and Trolls use them to attack our most vulnerable members. Harriet Hall just gave them more ammunition.

(I just edited the title to reflect the issue as of 9/18/18. This is scheduled to come out later. It’s because she doubled down on the issue by deciding criticisms of the TERF driven ROGD diagnosis is suppression of evidence. Apparently the “doctor” can’t read a study and figure out what is good evidence and bad. We knew that though, because she seemed to think Eternity News was valid as a scientific view on being transgender. New post here. )