What does the life of a mother mean to you Governor Bryant? | Dr. Jen Gunter


This is why Dr. Jen Gunter is my hero. She works in a state where Governor Phil Bryant had signed the Gestational Age Act into law on March 19, 2018, that bans abortion after 15 weeks. This is an arbitrary and decidedly non medical line in the sand. There are only exceptions if there is a “medical emergency” or “severe fetal anomaly” which are also decidedly non medical in their terminology.

She writes about having to call the governor to ask what they meant by this. She describes the legal beagles at the hospital saying they might be sued, fired, and held criminally accountable to render a woman in need an abortion, when she had a medical condition that while serious in it’s repercussions to her health was not threatening her life.

Read the small article to see how Dr. Gunter handled it, and how the Governor reacted. It’s clear he never thought a doctor would have called him personally to ask about this horse shit anti choice bill.

No politician should be the last deciding line on when someone can get an abortion or not. Period. Governor Phil Bryant is not a man with that kind of expertise. His expertise is ramming sexist shit bills through until they get signed.

Source: What does the life of a mother mean to you Governor Bryant? | Dr. Jen Gunter